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special thanx for those who have stay and experience our service at D' Pauh Homestay..xlupe utk mereka yang berminat untuk membuat tempahan namun terpaksa kami tolak ekoran tempahan bagi tarikh2 tersebut telah pun diterima dr orang lain.
lastly, we are looking forward to see u again in ur next visit to penang..

~have a pleasent stay with us in future~
D' Pauh Homestay


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D' Pauh Homestay
Taman Pauh Indah,
13500 Permatang Pauh,
Pulau Pinang.

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What's provided????

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-3 Bilik Tidur (air-cond bilik utama)
-1 Bilik Air + water heater
-1 Katil Kelamin,2 Katil Bujang dan 3 Almari
-Meja Makan
-Seterika + Iron Board
-TV + Astro
-Mesin Basuh
-Dapur,Jug Kettle,Peti Sejuk
-Kelengkapan Memasak + Pinggan Mangkuk

Kemudahan Berdekatan:
-Highway PLUS (2km) Highway BKE (3km)
-UiTM Pulau Pinang ,Permatang Pauh (1km)
-Politeknik Seberang Perai(0.5km)
-IPGM Tuanku Bainun & IPPP(7km) MRSM K.Batas (14km)JMTI, dll.
-Hosp. Sbg Jaya/B.Mertajam/ KPJ
-Pusat membeli belah(Jaya Jusco,Pacific Mega Mall, Giant,Carrefour,Tesco,Sunway Carnival dll)
-Jambatan Pulau Pinang (4km)-Penang Sentral (6km)

D' Pauh Homestay

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i'm writing on this page for the 2nd 1st time;the text that i was typing dissappear and gone without trace...haha,as usual, beginner need to learn more than others.

well, i've no attention of expressing my emotions and feelings in this just that, my fwens keep talking about their blog n how they enjoy expressing thier thought and so on in this beautiful technology. well, for me, why not i start a new blog, not for me, but for the business...

yes i do know that people already started this kind of internet business long2 time ago, but as for 'buta it' person like is kind of new things..

haha, further more, im not that kind of person who enjoy writing that much..for me, reading is better than writing.

so, straight to the point;as the first review of D'Pauh Homestay it would be rather simple and easy with the aid of picture. since picture tells thousand words, then just let it speaks..hehe